I finally got the TV stand assembled. That I don’t watch TV is of no consequence. It’s still my entertainment center…keyboard, guitar, flute, books on painting and reference books. Pretty, isn’t it?  That helped me to complete my living room and I sat looking at it in delight, when I checked my facebook page and saw: David Wheaton is following you.   A few minutes later my laptop flashed a blue screen and died. I think the shock did it in. David is my son who disowned me 16 years ago.

I had planned on getting a new laptop and had just made a back up the day before, so nothing important was lost, other than programs I really liked. Life is so full, though. give me a month and I won’t even remember what they were because I will be busy learning to use something new.

This morning I signed on with my Acer netbook and saw:


OK. The last I knew he didn’t like anything I said, did, or was. The only changes I have made in the last 16 years are to be even truer to myself, so either he’s changed or he’s nowhere near ready to deal with who I am now. There have been days even I haven’t been ready for who I am now.

I think it’s also important to note the screen saver I was using let me know it had expired with that last save.



He lives in a capital city, too
Larger than mine
On the same continent
But in a different country
Still that does make us neighbors
He’s the boy next door
We talk about photography
And vegetables
And going for walks
Not everyone living in a city
Settles for concrete

(c) 2010 Beth NoLastName


Verily Verily

I say unto you

I Am

Therefore you are

Is the best

I’m OK

You’re OK

I ever need to receive

Proof postive

It’s not what you know

But rather Who you know

(c) 2010 Beth NoLastName


You’ve changed

He said

And no one knew better than I

The truth of his words

He did not like the change

But the change was me

Being me

Not just who he wanted me to be

He laughed at me

And when I told him that hurt

He laughed more

So now we don’t relate

Not because I changed

But  that he hated the change

And the change is me

(c) 2009 Beth NoLastName


She was so Black
Her skin looked purple
In the sun
I was lost
So she took me under her wing
And taught me how to live
She insisted we see Purple Rain
But as I sat between her sister and her
I giggled
And she demanded to know why
There I sat watching an all Black cast
In a theater where I was the only
White woman
Her sister threw us a glare for whispering
“What’s so funny?”
She hissed
Taking my life in my hands
I blurted out
“I feel like the filling in an Oreo cookie!”
The three of us laughed so hard
We were thrown out of the theater
I never did get to see that movie
I’ll have to look it up
Purple Rain
Like my Queen Viola
And her Purple Reign


Months pass

I return from where I started

Stand in one place

Feel the difference

As if visiting an old homestead

Where once I was a child

It’s all familiar

But everything seems smaller than it once did

I have no problem reaching the highest spot

That which was way over my head

Is now eye level

My! how I’ve grown

(c) Feb 2009 Beth NoLastName



All they really want me to do is to listen

Nod my head from time to time

To show I have heard each one

Perhaps make a comment sound

Like hmmmm

But that’s all

They don’t really want a conversation

Or any kind of suggestion or feedback

Just a pair of ears

And a heart with which to listen


(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName