Monthly Archives: June 2008


I walk in the youth of my old age
In a time when young men
Seek out older women
I shake my head back and forth
Not able to comprehend their reasoning
I am not yet ancient, but surely old enough
To have no longing to reach back two generations
To steal a kiss
Such words fill my head and my heart
Keeping a smile on my face
As my walk remains straight and true

(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName



I am a spirit
Within a shell of a body
A spirit alive and well
Strong and resilient
I am grounded by this body I live in
And limited to it’s confines
And ailments
Only in a physical sense
Who I am has little to do
With what is seen with the naked eye
Yet I can be seen
I am not what is heard
By the uncovered ear
Yet I will be heard
Stand away
Apart from me
That I may touch you
I bid you wake
Arise from your slumber
Come to life with me

(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName

Cactus Flower

In the driest of places
Where the sun bakes the earth beneath it
She blossoms
Flaunting her color
And the fragility of her petals
For the spines that keep her alive
Lay outside her body
Defending the wealth of moisture
She holds within
Life giver
Nature’s hidden balance
In the desert of life

(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName

For (((Kathyrnn))) who understands why roses have thorns.


A common little fellow
Quite shy really
But a good neighbor
In his own little community of water birds
A peace lover, he wages war with no one
Builds his nests in trees
Out of harm’s way
Eating insects, amphibians and fish
Standing hunched and quiet
Until his meal appears
Then moving swiftly
A mighty hunter in his own right
A quiet brown color, camouflaged well
Until mating season arrives
When he and his future mate brighten their feathers
The observer not recognizing which is male
And which female
For the humble fellow would not strive to take the limelight
For himself alone
Brown to the eye when earth bound
But when soaring above
Exposed underbelly and wings
Glisten pure white in the sun
As a spirit rising above a mundane life
The cities expand to overshadow his ponds
Rices paddies and mash lands
Robbing him of his natural habitat
And he, quiet fellow that he is
Backs off
His mate follows his lead
Laying fewer eggs
For they would not intrude on others
But rather seek to keep the balance in nature
Allowing room for other living things
Man, in his thoughtlessness, continues to destroy what is natural
To build empires that will settle one day into dust
As the pond heron searches for water clean enough
To keep life renewing itself
Not crying out to those polluting his world and theirs
Remaining silent
Passive in his resistance
Ghandi’s bird

(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName


A ranger in England
An ecologist in India
And a poet in the USA
Chancing to meet
At a social site
But pulled to one another
By a tide stronger than that of the oceans
No choice
But to go with the flow
As Mother Earth
Called her children together

(C) 2008 Beth NoLastName

The Other Side

Today I became a man
No hormones
No operations needed
Cyber creations
Need not have form
Or substance
I gave the man I am
A birthday the same as mine
But nineteen years later
He’s forty-two
Young enough to have a full life ahead
And old enough to have felt the full weight
Of his masculinity
Rather than leave him suspended in space
All alone
I married him off
A man has to have someone to think about
After all
To want to keep going
On the days when nothing makes sense
He needs someone to cherish
To remind himself
Not to kill his boss
And not to run that SOB off the road
For having cut him off in traffic
Now I will find out
If the years of compassion
Have meant anything
And if I can give this man life
Health and wealth
For today I have played God
It’s an awesome responsibility.

(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName


Everything is changing
The polar icecap
The season
My feelings
My appearance
The people I meet
The way I am treated

Life is different than it was
And continues to change
I struggle to find a word
For the mystery
Being revealed to me
But there is none
What didn’t exist before
Exists now
I see and like it
We simply haven’t yet been properly introduced

(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName