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Verily Verily

I say unto you

I Am

Therefore you are

Is the best

I’m OK

You’re OK

I ever need to receive

Proof postive

It’s not what you know

But rather Who you know

(c) 2010 Beth NoLastName



Months pass

I return from where I started

Stand in one place

Feel the difference

As if visiting an old homestead

Where once I was a child

It’s all familiar

But everything seems smaller than it once did

I have no problem reaching the highest spot

That which was way over my head

Is now eye level

My! how I’ve grown

(c) Feb 2009 Beth NoLastName



All they really want me to do is to listen

Nod my head from time to time

To show I have heard each one

Perhaps make a comment sound

Like hmmmm

But that’s all

They don’t really want a conversation

Or any kind of suggestion or feedback

Just a pair of ears

And a heart with which to listen


(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName


I walk in the youth of my old age
In a time when young men
Seek out older women
I shake my head back and forth
Not able to comprehend their reasoning
I am not yet ancient, but surely old enough
To have no longing to reach back two generations
To steal a kiss
Such words fill my head and my heart
Keeping a smile on my face
As my walk remains straight and true

(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName


I am a spirit
Within a shell of a body
A spirit alive and well
Strong and resilient
I am grounded by this body I live in
And limited to it’s confines
And ailments
Only in a physical sense
Who I am has little to do
With what is seen with the naked eye
Yet I can be seen
I am not what is heard
By the uncovered ear
Yet I will be heard
Stand away
Apart from me
That I may touch you
I bid you wake
Arise from your slumber
Come to life with me

(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName

Cactus Flower

In the driest of places
Where the sun bakes the earth beneath it
She blossoms
Flaunting her color
And the fragility of her petals
For the spines that keep her alive
Lay outside her body
Defending the wealth of moisture
She holds within
Life giver
Nature’s hidden balance
In the desert of life

(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName

For (((Kathyrnn))) who understands why roses have thorns.


A ranger in England
An ecologist in India
And a poet in the USA
Chancing to meet
At a social site
But pulled to one another
By a tide stronger than that of the oceans
No choice
But to go with the flow
As Mother Earth
Called her children together

(C) 2008 Beth NoLastName