I love the idea of being tucked away in a back room, yet allowing someone to look over my shoulder as I sit writing (my way of sorting my thoughts so I can view them on the screen in front of me). Welcome The Back Room. I’ll play here and vent here if the need arises. My mother used to laugh when I vented. She said, “When you get angry, everything changes!” She liked that. She had reason to like that. The things that cause me anger don’t belong in a loving person’s life, so as soon as I got in touch with what bothered me, I got free of whatever it was. Since she was in my care her life improved proportionately as I improved my own.

So, if you step into my back room, and I am in the middle of a rant, sit back and watch the process, and feel free to laugh! I have been known to pause in the middle of a full blown tirade to tell a joke so those forced to listen didn’t take themselves or me too seriously.

Emotions are wonderful things when we learn how to deal rightly with them.

If you’ve come this close…you deserve a hug. Feel free to feel it as you leave this space. I give hugs to go here.



One response to “THE BACK ROOM

  1. bethnolastname

    Rant # 1
    This didn’t work the way I thought it would. I thought I would be able to post as many entries as I wanted on a new page!!! I was forced to create another blog, and then another, and another!
    Something good may come from all of this.

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