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Verily Verily

I say unto you

I Am

Therefore you are

Is the best

I’m OK

You’re OK

I ever need to receive

Proof postive

It’s not what you know

But rather Who you know

(c) 2010 Beth NoLastName



A common little fellow
Quite shy really
But a good neighbor
In his own little community of water birds
A peace lover, he wages war with no one
Builds his nests in trees
Out of harm’s way
Eating insects, amphibians and fish
Standing hunched and quiet
Until his meal appears
Then moving swiftly
A mighty hunter in his own right
A quiet brown color, camouflaged well
Until mating season arrives
When he and his future mate brighten their feathers
The observer not recognizing which is male
And which female
For the humble fellow would not strive to take the limelight
For himself alone
Brown to the eye when earth bound
But when soaring above
Exposed underbelly and wings
Glisten pure white in the sun
As a spirit rising above a mundane life
The cities expand to overshadow his ponds
Rices paddies and mash lands
Robbing him of his natural habitat
And he, quiet fellow that he is
Backs off
His mate follows his lead
Laying fewer eggs
For they would not intrude on others
But rather seek to keep the balance in nature
Allowing room for other living things
Man, in his thoughtlessness, continues to destroy what is natural
To build empires that will settle one day into dust
As the pond heron searches for water clean enough
To keep life renewing itself
Not crying out to those polluting his world and theirs
Remaining silent
Passive in his resistance
Ghandi’s bird

(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName


It’s a mythical mystical place
Where those who toil
To keep technology purring
May set their cares aside for a bit
And look upon IT

IT in all its glory
Letters ten feet tall
Atop a mountain of motherboards
Proclaiming no other
Man made concept will ever
Surpass IT nor replace IT

Geeks gather around
Smug and shrugging
Their chant
“What’s the big deal?”
Neither heard nor acknowledged
By the end user
Who believe geeks know all
But won’t tell
Can do all
Even if they spilled soda
On their keyboards

(c) 2008 Beth NoLastName

A wannabe geek, knowing she will never be more than a nerd.


I roam downtown with my bag and my laptop

Tapping into wireless connections on the run

In businesses that don’t pay for hook up

Someone stole the router

From the public library

Where the connection is paid for

And meant to be a gift to the public

The humor of opposites continues to invade my life

Nothing what it appears to be

Very little functioning as intended

The fun in dysfunction

Saving my sanity

© 2008 Beth NoLastName