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I finally got the TV stand assembled. That I don’t watch TV is of no consequence. It’s still my entertainment center…keyboard, guitar, flute, books on painting and reference books. Pretty, isn’t it? ¬†That helped me to complete my living room and I sat looking at it in delight, when I checked my facebook page and saw: David Wheaton is following you. ¬† A few minutes later my laptop flashed a blue screen and died. I think the shock did it in. David is my son who disowned me 16 years ago.

I had planned on getting a new laptop and had just made a back up the day before, so nothing important was lost, other than programs I really liked. Life is so full, though. give me a month and I won’t even remember what they were because I will be busy learning to use something new.

This morning I signed on with my Acer netbook and saw:


OK. The last I knew he didn’t like anything I said, did, or was. The only changes I have made in the last 16 years are to be even truer to myself, so either he’s changed or he’s nowhere near ready to deal with who I am now. There have been days even I haven’t been ready for who I am now.

I think it’s also important to note the screen saver I was using let me know it had expired with that last save.